When you think of replacing your bathtub which was at your service for several years, you have two options: either you can buy a brand new one or you can refinish it. Considering both the options, the former is far more costly when adding up all the costs involved in it. Due to this, it can be very smart and cost efficient to refinish your bathtub.


The biggest benefit of refinishing your bathtub is that your tub stays in the same place as before. And every refinishing or recoating activity takes place within the house in just a few hours! If you buy a new tub you have to make modifications to the bathroom and in fact if the size of the tub varies then you may even need to make alterations to your home’s entrance doors, just to bring the bathtub in. So during that process the possibility of damaging items nearby is very high which will be an additional burden.

Professional Bathtub Refinishing:

Our professional refinishers have years of experience and will reglaze your tub with the highest quality. The work will be more than worth the money spent.

The normal process involved in bathtub refinishing is as follows:
  • The first step is to clean the bathtub thoroughly and remove all the stains and rust.
  • Then the areas around the tub area that do not need to be refinished are covered. Refinishing involves sanding and spraying which may affect surround areas in the proximity of the tub, so we spend a great deal of time in protecting and masking all surrounding areas in your home
  • The faucet and hardware fittings will be masked off and a ventilation fan will be setup to send any paint fumes or dust generated while working outside.
  • Then the entire bathtub (including any surfaces to be refinished ie wall tiles, wall surrounds) is lightly sanded to roughen the finish. The bathtub and surrounding areas are vacuumed to remove all the debris from the sanding stage.
  • The bathtub/tile surround is coated with three coats of primer or adhesive agent (depending on the surface as it is determined by the refinisher) with the sprayer and allowed it to dry. Then 3-4 coats of the top coat mixture is applied with the HVLP sprayer.

Again, refinishing saves much time when compared to buying a new bathtub. On an average a bathtub refinishing will take around 3-5 hours and you will be able to use your bathroom in a day’s time or less. Whereas, when it comes to replacing the bathtub, it may cost as much as 10 times the costs and the whole process may take up to 7 days. A crew of workers will have to be managed in your home with a higher risk of dust and debris inadvertently being spread throughout your home.   Also, you will be without the use of the bathroom for the entire time period. And finally, even the new tub will fade and wear in time, in any event.

In your process of making your decision, please consider the previous benefits involved in refinishing a bathtub instead of buying a new one!

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